GritaGol 2013

Gearing Up for GritaGol!  Tomorrow we recieve the 500 plus teenagers and adults for Gritagol 2013!  Looking forward to see God’s Spirit convincing sinners of their sin and His grace!  Please pray for us.


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Written in English by Tochi:

The Youth Group for me has been a blessing since day one. I remember not being able to fit in anywhere and the very first time I went to Centro Crecer I felt loved instantly and that feeling hasn’t changed at all. It has helped me to grow as a christian by challenging me to follow God’s ways and instructing me in His Word. To put it in a few words: they’re my family.

Tochi (center) and her friends who she invited to youth group

Tochi (center) and her friends who she invited to youth group

It was such a blessing to find myself surrounded by so many people who really loved God. I learned what it truly meant to love him, and I learned about the sacrifice it takes to follow Christ. Thanks to the group I was able to come to know God personally, and like never before in my life I have a true relationship with him. I always know that he is present with me and I feel his love with every bit of my heart. He is now the foundation and core of my life, and I find peace and comfort in each day because I know that He is with me.

Antonella and Dulce at Camp

Antonella and Dulce